South Barwon Community Centre


The South Barwon Community Centre is Belmont's local Neighbourhood House. We run a range of events and activities and offer a friendly meeting space for community groups and other local organisations. Please explore our website to find out more about us, we'd love to hear from you!

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Many seniors, retirees and "modern elders" fear that they will become irrelevant.

They have lost contact with work colleagues, and children and the grandkids are now living some distance away.

The series RETIREMENT - ENJOY IT MORE (at the South Barwon Community Centre, Belmont, Geelong) solves this problem. It appeals to anyone wanting to maintain their zest for living.

There are many opportunities to breathe life into any program that appeals to you. Meetings are on the third Tuesday each month, at 10.30. First attendance is free; regulars pay $10.

Manager Jan Rockliff says this concept is totally new. It recognises that over half of us who reach age 65 are now most likely to live well past 90 - and that's a long time to be bored!

For more detail, phone Jan (03) 5243 8388 Mon-Thurs.

Contact us at or call 5243 8388 during our open hours

(9am-4pm Monday to Thursday)