South Barwon Community Centre


The South Barwon Community Centre is Belmont's local Neighbourhood House. We run a range of events and activities and offer a friendly meeting space for community groups and other local organisations. Please explore our website to find out more about us, we'd love to hear from you!

*This site is under development, please check back in regularly as we add more information

Contact us at or call 5243 8388 during our open hours

(9am-4pm Monday to Thursday)


As you’ve probably heard some of the COVID-19 restrictions are changing or lifting as of the 1st of June.

At the South Barwon Community Centre we’re in the position of having to experiment and trial how we will operate under the new rules and regulations.

As of the 1st of June we’re allowed to be open again but the capacity in which we can open is very limited. There are many differences with how we’re able to operate, especially compared to something like the current shopping experience, as many of our activities require people to be in the same space for much longer periods of time.

Based on social distancing protocols we’re allowed to have a maximum of 20 people in the building; besides staff. However, when rooms are set up for recommended social distancing (4 metres square of space between people) it means we’re only able to fit 8-10 people in our biggest room. This, of course, is much less in our other rooms.

The other main concern in how we operate will be contact tracing to ensure we know exactly who’s in the in building at all times.

As of the 1st of June SBCC will be:

· Open to answer phone calls and emails but not to visit without an appointment

· Trialling small groups, whom we’ll be contacting directly

· Allowing people, one at a time, to access our Jigsaw Puzzle Library

· Trialling one-on-one computer/phone/tablet/technology help

Everyone who wishes to do any of the above will need to call or email to book a time to come into the building as well as signing in and providing contact details when you do so. We’re currently developing and trialling our policies and procedures on how this will be implemented.

We won’t be doing any room hire for groups for the foreseeable time period and we’re not in the position to know when that will change at this stage unfortunately. People that require to rent our rooms with a single client will be able to do so, again based on times and availability.

Due to contact tracing regulations this also means we won’t be allowing access to the Centre outside of our 9am-4pm, Monday to Thursday office hours.

This situation means we’re ‘open’ in the sense that we’re not closed but we’re not open in what we’d consider a normal sense.

A lot of what happens over the next few months will decide how close we can get to ‘normal’ again so we’ll be experimenting with ideas as they come up; cause really we’re making this up as we go along.

The main concern is to keep everyone as safe as possible and whatever we do will ensure you’re safety first and foremost while visiting the South Barwon Community Centre.

As the restrictions change we’ll adjust accordingly but for now we hope you can bear with us as we make our way through the next stage,

Please contact the Centre during our office hours on 5243 8388 for any queries or further information or email anytime.

We hope we hear from you soon; and even more so hope to see you again in person in the near future.